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Breivik - A history of Norwegian bigotry
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From Schøne to Breivik to Welhaven
- A history of Norwegian bigotry

The Norwegians abused at will. Now fate has taught them the ultimate lesson.

Anders Behring Breivik
Anders Behring Breivik
Born, bred and groomed in Norway

Hatred for Islam permeates all levels of society in Norway. Mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is the extreme manifestation of this bigotry. But the Norwegian establishment bears a heavy burden of responsibilty: they openly participated in the Muslim-bashing year in, year out as this website amply records. (See the Pretty Face link, Norway Uncovered link and A general hatred of Muslims? link). Former Justice minister Knut Storberget has a lot to answer for.

Key players in the saga are pictured below. Most, if not all, had an additional talent that even Breivik did not possess: calculated psycho-sexual torment for the hated outsider.

White Supremacist Police Chief
Johan Martin Welhaven - 'En Av Oss'

Vegard Aaløkken:
abnormal erotic fixations

Agnar A. Nilsen Jr.:
unstable sexual logic

Bernt Olufsen:
unconventional sexual fantasies

Roy Hansen:
dark abuser

Haakon B. Schrøder:
erotic obsessions

Hans Erik Matre:
time taught him a big lesson

Harald Vikøyr:
unhealthy sexual pursuits

Heidi Schøne:
sexualised pervert

Ingunn Hodne

Ingunn Røren:
delinquent abuser

Per Edgar Kokkvold

Lars Arntzen

Dagbladet's Morten Øverbye: he called Torill Sorte a liar

Hans Arne Odde:
he even looks like Breivik

Reidun J. Samuelsen

Runar Schøne:
"Come to Jesus, Allah doesn't exist"

Torill Sorte:
perverted abuse of a German lady

Marianne Djupesland

Christian Reusch

Knut Storberget:
"What Muslims?"

Anders Stilloff:
deviant sexual methodology




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